REWRITING GENESIS, a screenplay I wrote in 2019. A no dialogue film that uses Ifa and Ngonde references to tell a story of love between Lilith and Eve. By capturing moments of care and joy between these two women who are deliberately portrayed as queer Black women, REWRITING GENESIS seeks to address the colonial demonisation and erasure of Black queer women from Abrahamic religious narratives and mythologies.

kyle malanda

kyle malanda (b. 1994) is a Malawian visual artist whose interdisciplinary work explores the intersections of sexual identity, mental health, tribalism and generational trauma in an increasingly globalised digital world. She employs techniques drawing from photography and fashion design to augmented reality, glass beadwork, and film.

Using her multi-cultural and transcontinental experiences as a queer Black woman, kyle’s work is an autobiographical reflection of both society and the self/ves. She is based in Lilongwe, Malawi but is often elsewhere.