This is an ode to our ancestors and the legacy they have left us. Through this interactive dance video, I wish to encourage people to take pride in their roots and promote self-awareness: draw upon the past and mythologies in putting forward ideas for possible futures.


Afro aliens

Through music, dance, visual design or performance, I tell stories that explore concepts of afro-futurism in order to ignite new inspiring narratives of Africa. My full stage show called “Afro Aliens” is an intense, multi-media Afro-futurist experience, blending historical references (Ancient Egypt, Central African Kingdom) with a science fiction vision of the future, as daring and original as anything produced by Sun Ra or the imagineers of Black Panther. 

As a music producer, my work is a collection of electronic exploration where traditional instrumentation is stitched to layered electronic production featuring heavily processed percussions, exuberant samples and fizzing synth basslines. My dance and choreography practice adds a highly visual texture to the Afro-Aliens live, again weaving urban components and styles with traditional Ugandan dance moves.

Faizal Ddamba Headshot

Faizal Mostrixx

Faizal Mostrixx is a storyteller. An afro-futurist Ugandan griot. An avant-garde music producer, DJ and remixer wielding electrifying sets; an urban dancer and choreographer, as well as an experimental visual artist. Mostrixx is a visionary grandmaster who creates fearless and poetic narratives through multi-sensory opuses. Advancing bold tales of Africa through a counter-culture prism, Mostrixx is one of electronica’s hottest Ambassadors for a continent on the move.