Irene Murray
Gairunesa Mohamed
Faatimah Mohamed-Luke
Abdul Dube
Leigh Cupido
Tyla Johannessen Model
Zubenathi Phoenix Nqwelo Model
Thomakazi Nkuku Model
Estelle (Moulan) Jacobs Music & Composition
Weslee Dee Johannessen Production Assistant & Cast Member
Frankie Herwels Cast Member & Collaborator
Michaela Limberis Advisory Team Member & Collaborator
Mandla Shonhiwa Advisory Team Member
Ben Moyo Cinematographer
Tandekile Mkize Stylist
Valerie Ekgebo Makeup & Hair
Mpoyi Kadima Security
Special Mentions:
Matthew Wareley
Yamkela Mahlelehlele
Tiffany Johannessen
Ofentse ‘KNGDBS’ Letebele
Gabrielle Goliath
UNCLE’S Art Studio and Dealers
Mors Design
LORNE Jewellery Design Shop
Ilze WolffWolff Architects (Co-Director)
Erica de GreefAFRI (Director and Co-Founder)
Gordon BradleyRex Trueform (Distribution, Property and Quality Assurance Executive)
Mandy TinklerHabits Boutique (CEO and Owner)
Wolff Architects
Institute for Creative Arts (ICA)
African Fashion Research Institute (AFRI)
ArtMeets TV
I the artist would like to thank you for taking the time to view, listen and interact with this special archival project which is not only important for the history of South African design in the disciplines of fashion and architecture but to the people of Cape Town and to the legacies of workers affected.

I have been truly humbled by this journey into leadership; gaining the true meaning of courage, vulnerability, discipline, communication and empathy to render out the best possible reflection of an important event, certainly in my history and for the communities involved.

I would also like to thank this amazing crew of creative pioneers in helping to put this work together whilst sat here in another province. Life has required that we shift and change our mode of doing things and therefore the dedication afforded to the complex logistics required for the completion of this project is gratefully appreciated, this extends to the ICA team, Buntu, Laura, Amo, Noluthando and ofcourse Jay.

I have always maintained that this is just the start of this project which will be further developed with the help of Ilze Wolff and through the company I co-found with Dr. Erica de Greef, the African Fashion Research Institute (AFRI). This day will surely come.

We look forward to further engagements.

Keep safe and all the best to you and your families,

Lesiba Mabitsela
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The Cutting Room Project

The Cutting Room Project aims to respond to Ilze Wolff’s book titled, ‘Unstitching Rex Trueform’ in which she analyses the impact on class, race and gender via the modernist architecture of the Rex Trueform garment manufacturing factory in Salt River, Cape Town. This interactive storyboard explores how both in its design and cultural symbolism, ‘the three- piece suit’ addresses many of the same entanglements that Wolff’s research identified in the construction of the Rex Trueform building.


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