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LETU (‘ours’ in Kiswahili) presents two digital worlds specifically created to host two East African non-binary bodies, existing through the freedom that is only afforded to us when we enter the digital/online space. One hopes that as visitors meet us within our worlds, explore and experience our individual soundscapes, they will consider their own physical presence in the world, and how much it depends on the permanence and validation of the moments they experience in their daily lives.


If you have limited internet connection please view the optimised version of this site, however, if you have good internet speed the full site is available and better represents the intention of the artists. They have made both accessible because the message and intention is clear in both.

The full version of the site includes 3D worlds that you can navigate using your mouse or screen to click and drag. Scroll or pinch to zoom in and experience the whole world. Headphones are required.


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Nyokabi Figure



artist, Kenya

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artist, Tanzania

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