In this project, The Politics of Displacement I am very interested in tracking down our movements towards what interests us and the decisions we make along the way. We are constantly moving in our lived experiences and my questions are why is that? Am I looking for my belongings? Where are my belongings?


The work is based on my current research on the subject of Displacement in Southern Africa. The project was part of ANT Mobility fund research residency in Zimbabwe and developed in South Africa in association with the University of York’s centre for applied Human Right Hub. The work interrogates the dynamics of site, place and culture in society, it also looks closely to the concept of belonging and safety.

Wezile Mgide Headshot

Wezile Mgibe

Wezile Mgibe is an art practitioner whose interdisciplinary practice encompasses performance, film and installation as tools for social change. His work confronts prejudices and advocates against social inequality and creates a platform for critical self-reflexivity within unwelcoming spaces.

Mgibe’s work is influenced by how things have come to existence, as well as motivations behind certain movements, reactions, human behaviors and mostly how these become symbols. 

A contemporary trained movement artist who runs an On site project in the public realm, he is very interested in the concept of Belonging.

Mgibe is a 2019 David Koloane Awardee and an Arts & Culture Trust Finalist Recipient for 2020. His body of work has been witnessed across the country including at Iziko National Gallery (SA), Norval Foundation (SA), FNB Art Joburg, PIAD (SA) as well as internationally at the Centre for Applied Human Rights Hub (UK), Hangar Online (Portugal), and SIRA (Madagascar).