a pseudo fluxus score, visual essay ” woman is cow ” | a salute to victoria santa cruz + black african  females beings, whose wokeness is yet to come !         with 

                                                                          BUNTU TYALI  | technical directions + editing ) 

Special thanks to SANJIN MUFTIC | cartographer

yinka ESI  GRAVES | gesture 

                                                Aida Colmenero Diaz | voice 

Miguel Angel Rosales | photography


can  BLACK african FEMALE   liveness, density, opacity be captured into | onto  digital matter .. if so how ?


me gritaron Negra | a poem by the Peruvian Victoria Santa Cruz ! In times of black life, which does not include African woman’s worth


Citations + bibliography

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Photographs ( nora chipaumire personal archive )

Grandmother – Annie Grace Saungweme

Mother :Francesca Saungweme



Combi sound – Jacknife

Air Zim sound – Beauty | 1980 Zim


Text | nora chipaumire

Nora Chipaumire Headshot

nora chipaumire

nora chipaumire was born in 1965 in what was then known as umtali, Rhodesia (Mutare | Zimbabwe). She is a product of colonial education for black native Africans – known as group B schooling. She has pursued other studies at the University of Zimbabwe (law) and Mills College (dance) (Oakland | Ca) .