also also also and and and examines the dynamics of home, anatopism, surveillance, land and power through a chorus of audiovisual cartographies. The exhibition is centred on process and experimentation, presented through a circle. This speaks semiotically to the cyclical articulations of the past in the present. The past that is not past, reappears always  to rupture the present (Sharpe, 2016). Each of the presented artists mediate through video assemblage and documentary to evoke memory: dismember and re-member personal histories to make the past and future present.


The exhibition title is taken from American singer-songwriter Moses Sumney’s “Also Also Also And And And” from his 2020 album Græ. Græ is interwoven with philosophical ruminations by Nigerian-Ghanaian author Taiye Selasi. In “Also Also Also And And And,” Selasi insists on the recognition of Blackness (Blackness vis-à-vis Biko) inherent multiplicity and calls for a nuanced and meaningful engagement with Black creative practitioners and their work.

Video Gallery

Portrait of Luvuyo

Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose

uLuvuyo Equiano Nyawose ingane kaCindy noKwazi, baKwa-Mashu H section, nga Kwesethu High School. uGogo wakhe, uMaSibisi, umchaza njenge ngane “eyenza izinto zo-Arts & Culture.”  Nyawose engages in a transdisciplinary practice that navigates curation, research, filmmaking and photography to produce work rooted in delinking from the colonial matrix of power. He graduated with a BA HONS in film at  AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy (formerly The South African School of Motion Picture and Live Performance); and received an Honours Degree in Curatorship from the University of Cape Town’s Center for Curating the Archive. In 2019 Nyawose interned at Iziko South African National Gallery for a year. He sits as a member of UCT’s Works of Art Committee, which is responsible for the curation and acquisitions of the university’s art collection. Nyawose is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at Michaelis School of Fine (UCT), and is a Creative Knowledge Resources Postgraduate Fellow. His master’s work ‘eBhishi Durban’ is an investigation of black life and black leisure at the Durban beachfront.