The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene:

A Sexual Resurrection

“The realm of the dead, my home…

Imagine the world as a whore and the realm of the dead as my final resting place.

YAAAAAAAAAAAS bitches! My Christian name is Lucifer!”

I bring forward The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Sexual Resurrection, a project stemming from the innate exhaustion our bodies exist in. Black Queer Femme bodies are in the constant performance of their identity, through the forced removal of our biography in the Cultural, Traditional and Historical Archive of this very land. This work therefore becomes an exploration of belonging, in a liminal state of placelessness. I look at the potentiality of dreams as a means of tracing one’s archival narratives. I believe that dreams are a medium utilized by those who walked before us as a communicative tool of explicating the narratives that are inherently found and living within our bodies.

“Ezinzulwini zemilemze yam, ndivuthelwa ngumlilo onesitshisa. Kuvuze umhluzi, ndiqaqanjelwe lubetho lwebentse kabuhlungu. Undibona ndibufenqeza ubuntomi bam? Ndisasaza imelenze yam phez’kobuso bakho na?”

I propose that through performance, transgenerational narratives exist and are carried in our bodies. An ancestral visual montage haunting us in our dreams, thought and the performativity of our ancestral identity, seeking to sediment a performative historiography that is missing in our current contemporary.

“Ndimanzi, ndibuthakathaka wena ubatyelwa ngamavumba amnandi namabi ebentse eNgcwele yeZulu. Undibona ndingumthombo lwenkanuko zakaThixo? Ibentse yesizwe kaloku, eyazekwa nguThixo wenu umDali wentozonke, yena yedwa! Malibongwe igama leNkosi! Ngebentse eyazekelwa isizwe sonke sase Africa…rhaa imnandi ikuku xa ku njalo!”


This project is based on the performance art installation titled Walk (produced by The Mothertongue Project), in which the exploration of the body I exist in, in my current contemporary, began. As a Black Queer Transgender and Androgynous body, I am working towards developing an understanding of how I would like to create space not only for me but the LGBTQI+ community and family I share this land with. Starting and mediating the conversation, through performance, of placing our bodies in history, our present and future.

Lukhanyiso Skosana

Fleur Du Cap Award winner Lukhanyiso Skosana is an actress, performance artist, vocalist/composer and theatre-maker. A UCT graduate, she holds an Advanced Diploma in Theatre. She is trained in classical music and a variety of theatrical styles. Fitzmaurice voice-work, the Sanskrit system of “rasa”, body mapping and free writing are the foundation of her practice, under the guidance of Dr Sara Matchett. 

As an actress, she worked on the production of Love like Blue directed by Puleng Lange Stewart (2016), and a production that influenced her spiritual awakening as a performer was Nguvu Ya Mbegu directed by Mandla Mbothwe (2017). Bana Ba Mobu choreographed by Tshegofatso Mabutla (2017) was her debut dance performance, followed by Zinyile i’Queers (2018/2019). 

Lukhanyiso is in the process of touring and reworking the multi-award winning production Womb of Fire/Brandbaar (2017 – present), written and performed by Rehane Abrahams and directed by Sara Matchett, for which she won the 2019 Fleur Du Cap for Best Original Musical Score & Performance. 

She performed in the performance art piece Walk in India at the ITFOK festival (2018), NAF (2018) and US Woordfees (2019) curated by Sara Matchett, Genna Gardini and Koleka Putuma. She has also performed at the ICA Live Art Festival (2018/2019) and made her directing as well as playwriting debut with her graduation productions Qamatha and Nazareth in 2019. 

She is Black.Queer.Womxn.Femme.Radical.Godded.uNdlunkulu.Namaslay…


  • Executive Producers – Institute of Creative Arts & Lukhanyiso Skosana
  • Written, Conceptualised and Performed by – Lukhanyiso Skosana
  • Artistic and Conceptual Director – Simphiwe Shabalala Director of Cinematography – Cian Geraghty
  • Choreography – Thandeka Kakaza and Unathi Makhambi
  • Music by – Concept Records & Lukhanyiso Skosana
  • Costume Designer – Sheneve Tromp
  • Hair – Emoney Wigs (Esther Cupido)
  • Make-Up Artist – Sheneve Tromp
  • Special Thanks to Mars Baby (Jesse Meintjies), Dawn Fischer and Maeve Fourie

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