My initial interest in the dicing game came when I had to accompany my community’s elders to the police station to lay a complaint about the constant noise, disregard and disturbances that the games were creating in the community. As a musician, this tinkered with my sonic imagination as to how the visuals and sounds of the dicing table can be captured and explored creatively on a digital platform.


the experience of having to go to the police station with community elders to report the ongoing disturbances the dicing table in one of the local corner shops has brought the community, led me to explore some of the reasoning behind why the guys keep gambling, even if it could have a negative impact on the individuals or the community in which the dicing tables are found.

Gontse Makhene Headshot

Gontse Makhene

Gontse Makhene is an exceptional percussionist born and bred in Soweto with an extensive repertoire, spanning genres across the local and international music scenes. He is a founding member of some of the most revolutionary local and international contemporary bands, such as Kwani Experience, Shabaka and the Ancestors. He is also co-founder of Peanut Butter and Jam Sessions. His current interest is in exploring the esthetical sonic expressions of everyday experiences and in how music and sound can be visualised.

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