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THEME: Urbanity and Afrofuturity

Mamello Makhetha

Ore Phelele

To all survivors; even in times of pain, you will find your breath again, your head will float above the waters again, and you will laugh, and love again. You are capable of so much in your life despite what you have gone through. In the words of Machel, “You will live long.”


King Debs

Bokamoso Tota

Using the various digital applications to extend reality (XR), “Bokamoso Tota”  aims to further digitize the underlying concepts from the presiding physical exhibition; this digital extension will favor the topics around Africaness, metaphysicality, and coexistences


Kershan Pancham

How Histories That Matter May Meet: Saartjie meets Uyinene over mountains under ants, with Two Boy Ogres an Old Bird, and a Future

You are invited to join a Zoom meeting that brings together Histories That Matter. It is a meeting of Sarah Baartman, Uyinene Mwretyana, sky and Alp mountains, land and significantly insignificant ants, earth and breath, two boys and an ageless bird, in Her realm. Feel free to interact.


Thelma Ndebele

The Virtual Bassmint Archive

This experiential archive is set in a series of fictional rooms modelled after real parkades and basement parking spaces found around Johannesburg. The venue is explored and walked around using keyboard and mouse controls while the user experiences snippets of selected Virtual Bassmint performances.


THEME: Queer Subjectivities and Vulnerability

Arafa C Hamadi


“I am non-binary and a queer person, which means I technically do not exist.” LETU (“ours” in Kiswahili) presents two digital worlds specifically created to host two East African non-binary bodies, existing through the freedom that is only afforded to us when we enter the digital/online space.


Neo Diseko


The viewer should expect an alternative way of interacting with a space


Kwanele Finch Thusi

i dont know what to be remembered for anymore

This work experiments with reforming pseudo narratives of black bodies. I seek to transform the black body into the cosmos, eternal and seen as sites beyond spectrum, imagination and possibility. It is a space in which we can reaffirm who we can be.


THEME: Intimacy/Self/Relationship

Lindiwe Matshikiza & Joao Orecchia

Sex With Demons

What’s this I hear about sex with demons?


Themba Mbuli

Dark Cell : Breathe

Inspired by my 2012 solo “Dark Cell” which used a prison cell as a metaphor for mental imprisonment, “Breathe”  further investigates this subject on a personal and psychological level.


Philiswa Lila

Ukuzala – Ukuzelula!

Ukuzala – Ukuzelula! is loosely translated as “Through procreation, one is stretching one’s bones” or “To give birth is to stretch myself”. In this work I recognise the process of marriage and child bearing in three pillars: integrity, respect and endurance.


THEME: Cultural Shape Shifting and Transformation

Malebona Maphutse

We Don't Die We Multiply: Siyagoduka Ka Spaceship Babez

“That which has been is that which shall be and that which has been done is that which shall be done: and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which men say ‘see this is new?’ It has already been in the ages that were before us.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9.


kyle malanda


REWRITING GENESIS dreamily reimagines the Abrahamic origins of humankind in the modern day by creating moments of tenderness between Lilith & Eve, the two women believed to have been at the beginning of time.


Kresiah Mukwazhi

Hesi Keresiya

Hesi Keresiya is an ongoing inquiry of the self and a reference to an old postcolonial Zimbabwean play time rhyme; evidence of how Zimbabweans adjust English names to suit their context. I am interested in understanding the power that storytelling and images have on preserving culture.



The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: A Sexual Ressurection

An exploration of belonging, through a liminal state of placelessness. I propose, through performance, transgenerational narratives exist in our bodies. They become an ancestral visual montage haunting us in our dreams, thought and the performativity of our ancestral, private/public identity.


THEME: History/Archive

Lesiba Mabitsela

The Cutting Room Project

A collaborative project between Lesiba Mabitsela and Ilze Wolff of Wolff Architects. This multi-disciplinary project aims to bring the three-piece tailored suit into dialogue with its site of making (in this case, the Rex Trueform garment manufacturing factory in Salt River, Cape Town.)


nora chipaumire

negra| a pseudo ( cross out ) fluxus score + visual essay woman is cow | a salute to Victoria Santa Cruz and all black African females whose wokeness is yet to come !


Sikhumbuzo Makandula

Ingoma kaTiyo Soga

The Ingoma kaSoga films are shot at Mgwali and Thuthura village where Reverend Tiyo Soga respectively practised as a black theologian and writer. The films focus on oral histories and community histories of both the historic landscapes.


THEME: Masculinities

Oupa Sibeko & Nicola Pilkington

A Sea Inland: 360

A 360-degree performance video exploring one’s relationship to the sea. This performance is part of a series of investigations by Sibeko into the prevalent phenomenon of bottled seawater inland cities in South Africa, for healing and spiritual purposes.



is'zungu es'zungezayo

is’zungu es’zungezayo is an audio-visualised collage of thoughts and harsh longings. it thinks itself through the objects leaned onto; that orientate towards, guide with, move from, and wake this woeful spirit. it thinks of thinking of itself, and how painful an experience all of this can be.


Luke De Kock


Location/Lokasie is a dance production about two South African men from the Cape Flats (Bonteheuwel) who are from the same family, on a journey of discovery. They are connected by blood, but separated by the lives of their fathers.


THEME: Inequalities

Gontse Makhene

Dicing For Bread

Dicing for bread is an audio visual exploration and reaction to what the dicing table has become during this COVID19 pandemic. Experiencing the dicing table, the dense tension in the air when the stakes are high is very tangible. One only hopes the next roll is their winning roll.


Lorin Sookool

The Blunt Blades of Bravado

Using byte size extracts from the film with the same title, this web experience aims to arouse emotions within the viewer and encourage critical thought about the nature behind “violent” or “reactive” stereotypes placed on so-called coloured people.


Mthuthuzeli Zimba


A glimpse of the painstaking effort it takes to build a shack home. The viewer is taken into confidence to witness this construction something that for many black South Africans, is an intimate ritual on which their very survival and dignity rests. Once constructed the shack on wheels travels from Khayelitsha to the Cape Town CBD.


THEME: Displacement

Heidi Lu

How much do you weigh?

400 years, 39 000 voyages, 2 million bodies under the Atlantic Ocean. Push, drag, dig, thrust. How much do you weigh is a historical exploration, reimagination and reconstruction of one of the many diasporic typologies of Home.


Wezile Mgibe

Wamkelekile - The Politics of Displacement

Wamkelekile is a greeting used upon someone’s arrival, in most cases at home. In this project, the artist explores the dynamics of the site and of home and interrogates the concept of belonging using performative angles as a tool to question social and domestic issues.


THEME: Playing with form, process and engagement - part II

Scott Eric Williams


kartographi responds to distancing due to COVID19. It invites viewers to venture into public to visit art as an antidote to digital overload. The works merge dance, drone photography, digital art and wheatpaste to express forms of reconfigured connectedness as a laboratory for mapping new ways of being


Lehlogonolo Natalie-Ann Paneng

Something Like Co-Star

A curated interactive site which aims to decolonize through the act of play, mimicry and soft affirmation. The piece as a whole aims to explore what it means to insert myself and placing myself at the centre. It is an accumulation of affirming thoughts, ideas and acts world-building.


Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose

also also also and and and

also also also and and and examines the dynamics of home, anatopism, surveillance, land and power through a chorus of audiovisual cartographies. Each of the presented artists dismember and re-member personal histories through video assemblage and documentary, making the past and future present.


THEME: Playing with process, form and engagement - part I

Mmakhotso Lamola

The Belonging Collective Archive

The archive is a result of a year long workshop with The Belonging Collective; who are artist that anonymously offered their narratives to complicate the hegemonic one being cemented in the city. It investigates senses of belonging in an urban context through themes of perception and existence.


Billy Langa

The Full Circle, a retrospective on Tswalo

The process of making goes missing in the midst of celebrating the product. It is clear that modes of operation and ways of making are way less than the works that are being produced in the sphere of Performance. Merely because process is never seen as a body of work away from the product.


Rehane Abrahams

Womb of Fire - catalysing cultural somatics research

This is a catalyst for Cultural Somatics research based on a play, Womb of Fire – where the performing female body itself challenges the body politic. The play interweaves myth, personal stories and archival narratives from the first years of the Colony to interrogate the birth of South Africa.


Opiyo Okach

instanceNow - People Time Place

When a Me here right now becomes a You me, here there, now then what is the nature of being present or absent in the moment; of making signs and gesture; negotiating space & time; making sense of the other; when multiple time, place and geography converge into an instance of shared difference.